Yawa Video: Pastor’s Wife Fights Another Woman Inside Church

The video footage shows an incident where the church pastor’s wife she’s fighting another woman inside the church, at the moment it is not very clear why they are fighting but the man keeps complaining that these women are fighting inside a church and this is an abomination and it’s not right for them to be fighting.

The pastor’s wife seems to have a good reason why she’s busy fighting this other woman inside the church, perhaps the woman was dancing indecently according to the standards of the church and that is the reason and the problem that they were having.

This is not the first time we see a video where the church women were fighting inside and it’s something that always has the members of the public curious as to what could really make women fight inside the church, last time we saw the pastor’s wife slapping another woman inside the church.

Because she tried to stand next to the pastor while she was present and the whole thing was treated with much humor from the other congregants, but the Pastor and the wife were not laughing about this incident because they feel like that lady was being disrespectful and this incident could be something similar.


Watch the video below:


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