Yawa Video: Lady disgraces and strips boyfriend at the market after seeing him with another lady

An unreasonable lady has disgraced her boyfriend in public just because she saw him with another lady walking in public.

In the video sighted on Instagram, the lady was seen disgracing the guy in public, calling him names, and also slapping him. On top of that, she stripped the guy almost naked at the marketplace without mercy.

She claims she has been sponsoring the guy with her money and buying him all the stuff he was seen wearing, thus, her reason for taking all those things back from him.

Well, it was not really revealed as to who the other lady he saw walking with is to him. Whether he was a sister or a friend, the girlfriend did not care to hear his explanation as she continues to disgrace him in public.

Unlike other cheating incidents where the ladies cry their hearts out afterward, this ‘iron lady’ decided to take a different turn by descending on the guy in public.

Love comes with respect and endurances for one’s fault. If this lady claims she loves and respects the guy, she wouldn’t have stripped him naked in public. Supposing if he was the same man destined to be your husband, she had already tarnished his image in public which will turn to affect her marriage one day.


Infidelity is part of every relationship and on the part of men, it has become a norm and takes only a strong, disciplined, and understanding lady to cope when such incidents occur. Well, if you ask me, this lady handled the situation wrongly.


Watch the video below:

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