YAWA! Princess Shyngle Exposes Man who wanted to bang her for huge money

Princess Shyngle’s bid to be the marriage material she wants to be so that her 2020 dream of becoming a wife in 2020 be realized has revealed how a she turned down a man offering her $80,000 to just chop her.

According to the actress her DM always cry whenever she posts a bad ass picture on social media.

Not only did the Gambian actress expose the man who is ready to pay anything just to have her in his bed but she also revealed a top secret about actresses living luxurious life style.

The actress making fun of her colleague actresses who are living it big, disclosed that it will take one to act about 150 movies to be able to afford a Range Rover or a 1st class ticket abroad. She added that most actresses we see around living luxurious lives are been chopped by big men and the funny part of it s that the men tell her about it.

She advised her fans never to allow any actress fool them that they are rich.

Below is her post:

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