Women should not blame themselves for preeclampsia – Doctor advises

Resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Greater Accra Regional hospital Ridge, Doctor Katherine Attoh Berko has emphatically stated, that no woman should be blamed for preeclampsia.

Per her observation, most woman tend to blame themselves when they find out they have the condition while pregnant but she shared that preeclampsia is not the fault of the mother and it is something no woman should blame themselves for.

She shared that, the condition has got to do with hypertension in pregnant women but however, has some risk factors a woman can have that could expose her to the condition.

Talking to Eunice Tornyi on e.TV Ghana’s African Women’s Voices she said, “So if a woman is unfortunately for us of the black race, it puts you on an increased risk of having preeclampsia”.

Going further she noted that, for most women in their teens and women above 40, it puts them at a higher risk of having preeclampsia which is not in any way their fault.

Dr. Katherine also added that, in most cases, first pregnancy mothers, multiple pregnancy problems and pre existing conditions like hypertension, diabetes, kidney diseases are also an increased risk and all these cases are not the fault of the mother.

She noted that, many other factors can cause a woman to have the condition and most of these cases have their factors beyond control.

She made it known that, “Preeclampsia is no woman’s fault and they should not be blamed for it”.

She advised women not to beat themselves about the condition when they discover they have it because, “it’s not your fault and it’s not about anything that you did it just happened” she said.



By: Gyamfuah Owusu-Ackom

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