When Did Moesha Start Smoking WEED?


It is one thing lying and another thing expecting the people at the mercy of your lies to believe you. Most of these celebrities are pathologic

Instagram slayer and socialite Moesha is no exception. There has been more than one instance where everything indicates that she has gone under the knife to have that huge backside coupled with the flat tummy and thin waist yet our lady has denied vehemently all the while.

al liars and lie with little to no provocation at all.

In her latest, Moe corrected a fan whose only concern was for her to stop with all that she is doing because her aunty suffered in the hands of all those surgeries. Moesha asked the fan not to worry about her because she is all-natural and would not suffer the same fate as her (the fan’s) aunt.

It is either Moesha is finally believing her own lies or she is on something cheap and equally high.

“It grew bigger each month and weeks and people thought she kept enhancing it but it was the side effect of it.I pray for you each time I see this thing grow .. it is well..”.

Replying, Moesha said: “@millconsultant I am very natural so don’t bother”.


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