What NOT to Do When She Cheats on You

It hurts. It hurts like hell.

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a hard day at work, opening the bedroom door and seeing the woman you love on top of another man.

The imagine of your naked girlfriend on top of another man is one of the most painful things a man can possibly imagine.

And yet, it’s a reality that one of my Skype coaching clients experienced recently. He was devastated. He was heartbroken. And he was angry.

In fact, he was so angry that he almost made one absolutely crucial mistake. Oh sorry, let me be more precise. He didn’t just make one crucial mistake. He made three unforgivable mistakes that made him feel terrible.

And he encouraged me to share them with you because he wants to prevent other men from going down this self-destructive path.

The only reason why he didn’t get into big trouble is because the other guy escaped so quickly that he didn’t have enough time to, well, read this article to find out.

While he wished he had a catch a cheating spouse app, I am incredibly thankful that the other guy was faster because boy, oh boy, this could have ended in a nightmare…

Losing your Temper in the Heat of the Moment

Of course, the whole situation was a nightmare for him. But his anger, his rage, the pain he felt when he saw his beloved girlfriend riding this other dude almost led to a disaster.

He was so angry that his first thought was to “beat the living shit out of the other guy”. That’s what he told me in our Skype coaching and again, I’m so glad that he wasn’t successful because the other guy ran out of the bedroom and out of the apartment like a chicken without a head.

Let me ask you something:

Is a cheating girlfriend or wife really worth 10 years in jail?

I would say NO. She’s not worth it. Heck, no woman on planet earth is worth that…especially one who cheats on you.

I know it’s hard to think about the long-term consequences when you are really angry, but hell, you have to do it. You have to think about your life and about your future.

One punch has the potential to destroy your life forever…

Playing the Blame Game

And no, it’s not your fault.

That’s the second mistake that my coaching client made. He blamed himself for this dilemma. He blamed himself for not knowing what his girlfriend was doing behind his back. That’s where a catch a cheating spouse app comes in handy but yeah, he blamed himself for days and weeks. And it almost killed him.

He was so angry at himself that he wasn’t able to have a clear thought. Eventually, in the process of our Skype coaching, he realized that he was not to blame for the behavior of his now ex-girlfriend.

Oh, before I forget it…

He almost turned his now ex-girlfriend into his girlfriend again.

Thank God I could make him understand that taking back a girl who cheated on you for months is a terrible idea. At the end of our first Skype coaching session he realized that he deserves a loyal woman who loves him and who doesn’t cheat on him.

He’s on a good path and I’m confident that he will soon rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.



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