Watch| Hushpuppi Spotted Doing Video Call From Prison With Davido

Money they say speaks volume and plays massive role in man’s daily lives. If you really follow,you will recall that we recently filed a report of Hushpuppi being arrested elsewhere in Dubai after allegedly defrauding SS Lazio and involving in other petty unlawful activities.

Well, the wealthy Nigerian man has been spotted having a dialogue with singer Davido in an Instagram live video whiles in prison.

Davido became a very close pal to Hushpuppi after they both fell out fighting over who spent  money in night clubs.

We all thought their friendship is over after Davido unfollowed him on social media when the news broke out Hushpuppi has been arrested until we monitored a video which captures the duo having a live chat on Instagram.

In the video, he could be heard hailing Davido, calling him O.B.O. while Davido invited FatherDMW to come to see him, and also teased Hushpuppi by repeating ‘no more shopping’

Have a look at the video below


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