Video: Sick Horse requires lady who has known only one man her whole life to jump over it for healing

The African culture differs from the Western world and although civilization has penetrated every nook and cranny of the world, Africans, largely, still believe and practise their respective cultures.

Many African settings believe in rituals either for cleansing, fortification or protection. These rituals have been described as outmoded by many religious and civilization minds but it appears Africans can not do away with their culture.

That is how come, in some African settings, a horse that is gravely ill and unable to walk just requires a lady who has known only one man her entire life to jump over it and just like magic, the horse will spring back to health and walk again.

A video gives a perfect account of this culture and how these Africans have practiced it over the years and still works.

Well, many arguments have been made for civilization and why the African way of living is primitive, however, it is an undeniable fact that the African culture cannot be taken out of the African.


Check Out Video Below:


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