Video: My mom is sleeping with my husband, I saw her genging pictures on his phone – Lady reveals

When your mother is your rival. A young lady has shared an intriguing story to Tima Kumkum on how she found out her mother is her rival.

A lady has found out her own body who look care of her as a single mother is having an affair with her husband.

Before marriage the mother forced her to abort two pregnancies for this same man with reasons that people will mock her for being a bad mother whose child couldn’t wait for marriage to give birth.

When the man finally proposed marriage, this same woman all of a sudden oppose the marriage saying she will not allow her daughter to marry an Ewe.

Nevertheless the lady with her uncle made sure the marriage was successful.

2 years into marriage and she’s found out all along the mother was having an affair with her husband.

She found how when her phone spoilt and decided to insert her sim in her husband’s old phone and use temporary.

With how WhatsApp works, when she inserted the sim and switched the phone on, because her husband already had WhatsApp on the phone, all old messages started popping up

She saw old chats of her mother and husband which included nude photos the mother have been sending to her.


The lady decided to keep mute and find out from her husband’s new phone whether they are still having an affair and when she went through it, everything confirmed they are still seeing each other.

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