Video: Man spotted eating bread with polluted water as ‘tea’

A young man has been captured on camera taking a full loaf of bread with polluted brown-looking water from what appeared to be a stagnant pond.

It is not clear why exactly the gentleman decided to engage in the act but many people have been expressing their views on the video on the Twitter handle of @gyaigyimii.

What appears to be interesting about the video is that the gentleman was seen taking the ‘meal’ with great joy, which removes any suspicion that it was out of hunger.

Below are some comments from Ghanaians regarding the video:

Effiakuma_DonaldTrump with the handle @WoodFrimpong said: These things no dey funny.. The person wey dey record get big problem pass am.

Elorm Bae whose handle is @YaaElorm1 indicated that: He is enjoying natural tea without sugar that sweetness nu.

@OnBilay mentioned that: Like he for do am for wanna tea lakes side to help push the #fixGhananow agenda.

@Nuku87168579 suggested that: The guy is getting mad you guys are making it a joke.


Watch video below


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