Video: Man And His Girlfriend Caught Red Handed For Doing It In Their Car

Many peep of nowadays takes everything person and sees it as his right, in this case they does unnecessary things which don’t help us at all.

A business man and his soo called girlfriend caught by some citizen for doing shakara in their car.


According to report the lady is said to be around 23years of age whilst the man is also about 25 years. They said they were on their way to town so that they can go and enjoy themselves for leisure time.

Is was stated that on their way the lady told her boyfriend that she was in the mood but the boy asked her to try her best to control herself by the lady said it was hurting her so she begs the guy to satisfy her.

On this period the Gus no choice or advise again than to follow the instructions of the lady, due to that he tried to satisfy her but unfortunately during the process she was screaming a lot which a guy came across them and shouted for people to come and see.

They were being sent to the police station and asked them pay for the offends they committed.

Watch the video below;

Were are sorry we cant upload the video here due to its features

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