VIDEO: Lynx Gifted Me A Car Only To Ask That I Pay For It- Mzvee Continues To Trash Lynx Entertainment

Mzvee has spoken about her days at Lynx Entertainment in a recent interview.

She still maintains the stance that Lynx did well for her, groomed her to be the Mzvee we have all come to love and appreciate now but that does not come without her delving into some of the mishaps she had to withstand at the record label.

Mzvee reveals that Lynx once gifted her a car which she loved and appreciated but the downside came when she was asked to pay for the car.

She says that came after she told the label that she wanted to be on her own. She says she only told them she would do well to pay adding that she no longer drives that car as she has many cars now.

“They bought me a car. They dashed it to me but tam supposed to pay for it. I don’t know why but that was what was said when I was leaving and I told them I will do my best to pay so I will pay small small. I had the car at the time I left. I have different cars. I don’t have the car Lynx gave to me anymore but I won’t go into that.”



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