Video: Lekked s3xTape of another K-Poly student hits online (18+ ONLY)


Another ‘atopa’ video is currently going viral on social media, sees a student of Accra Polytechnic enjoying herself while the man is busy serving her from behind.


In the video sighted by, the student receiving a ‘ bullet’ from the back and seems to enjoy every bit of the process with smiles all over her face


According to the source, the video which lasted a duration of thirty-seconds was recorded by her boyfriend during one of their love-making and promised to delete it after the action.


It went on to say that the boyfriend claimed he forgot to delete it from his phone resulting in the leak being shared and discussed in various social media platforms.


Mistakenly, the video leaked when the young man in the video had a problem with his phone and took it to a repairer for repairs.

Video: Lekked s3xTape of another K-Poly student hits online (18+ ONLY) 2
                                                               Scenes from the video

We would have loved to upload the video for our cherished readers but it’s against our policies.


But the reality is that this video is not really hard to find since it began trending on all the social media platforms. Just log on and you will find it with ease…wink

Our policies do not allow us to post the full video here.

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