Video: Kraman Ba! Kwaku Manu fires Salinko

Yes we have heard stories, listen and read how there is acrimony in the Ghana movie industry but this is probably the most heated beef among Ghanaian actors which looks not to tone down anytime soon.

You will recall GHPAGE.COM reported not too long ago about Kumaswood actor Salinko openly declaring what his colleague Kwaku Manu is doing as part of showing love and care to his embattled colleague Funny face is only for the cameras.

Salinko stated that Kwaku Manu is only seeking attention out from the situation of Funny Face.

There were allegation by some family members of Funny Face that Kwaku manu’s motive is only to monetize from what is happening which Salinko buttressed.

Well Kwaku Manu has hit hard at his colleague comedian by going beyond the issue at hand. They may probably have some scores to settle which we may not know.

With Kwaku Manu’s response, one can clearly see there is a personal issue between the two.






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