Video: A Bridesmaid’s Massive B00bs Catches Attention, Causing The Men To Spray Money On Her Instead Of The Bride

A bridesmaid’s b00bs was the catch of everyone’s attention at a wedding to the extent that a a male guest ignored the bride to splash cash on the bridesmaid.

The video which is currently going viral captures a bride of the hour and her bridesmaids showing off their dance moves during a traditional wedding ceremony.

One of the bridesmaid was captured exposing her cleavage due to the kind of dress she wore to the ceremony. While dancing with the bride, she’s seen moving excitedly, making her bosoms shake and they nearly came out of her dress.

A male guest then walks towards the ladies who were dancing, but instead of going to the bride, he goes to the voluptuous bridesmaid and starts splashing her cash.

Checkout the video below;


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