Twene Jonas Blasts The Church Of Pentecost For Building A Prison Yard Instead Of A Factory To Employ Unemployed Ghanaians

Professional Ghanaian truth sayer who is hated by the populace for his harsh yet constructive criticisms – Twene Jonas, has joined the train of the many social media users who have brutally condemned the Church Of Pentecost’s (Ejura Prison Yard) brouhaha.

According to hothead socail media commentator, he’s very disappointed in the leaders of the Chruch Of Pentecost for not thinking smart enough to build a factory to employ many of the church’s unemployed youths who are struggling to afford a 3-square meal.

As contended by Twene Jonas, Ghanaians do not a prison more prisons yards yet but jobs to diffuse the high unemployment rate.

He also added that no critical thinking Ghanaians will applaud the church of Pentecost for building a prison yard whiles we have millions of graduate unemployed youths.

Check out the video below to know more…


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