Shocking: Lady Gives Birth To Maame Water Baby In Kumasi

A lady has supposedly brought forth a ‘Maame Water child’ in Kumasi according to subtleties new to us at

The lady (name retained) supposedly brought forth a mermaid-like animal at the Suntreso Government Hospital in Kumasi on Friday.


The infant who came out without genital stunned numerous at the emergency clinic, according to reports conscious of our news work area.

As per reports, the gallant attendants and specialists at the clinical office, in any case, helped the mother to convey securely.

The youngster is supposed to be solid and particularly alive, albeit the child came out with one leg.

The vast majority of the emergency clinic staff supposedly fled after focusing on what resembled an infant mermaid.

Endeavors by this paper to get an authority report about the validness or in any case of the occurrence from the clinic specialists demonstrated worthless.

At the point when visited the wellbeing office around 4:30 pm on Friday, the Suntreso Government Hospital looked surprisingly peaceful.

The vast majority of the staff were said to have returned home, leaving a couple – generally nurture – working.

The clinic staff addressed straight would not represent dread of being exploited by the board.

However, the disposition and activities of the medical caretakers recommended that they had spotted something bizarre that day.

The attendants specifically looked quiet as they remained in gatherings talking about something which could be not kidding and startling.

A portion of the medical caretakers this paper drew closer with the mermaid-like infant issue responded, ‘Please, we don’t need inconvenience, let us be.

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