Shatta Wale and Alleged Cousin-Lover Unfollow Each Other

Shatta Wale and his lovely alleged cousin and lover Magdalene Love seem like they’re currently done with each other.

Checks on social media indicates that the two are no longer following one another.

In our world, that only means one thing – they have had some sort of argument.

Maybe even whatever romantic relationship they may had had is over.

The instagram blog Mary Gyata has posted proof showing that Shatta Wale and Magdalene Love have unfollowed each other.

A search on Shatta Wale’s page for Magdalene brings up no search results – and a corresponding search on Magdalene Love’s page also show no result for Shatta Wale.

Mari Gyata shared a photo of the duo adding the caption: “Atigya 🔥🔥🔥🔥 y’all remember In February when Aisha modi had a clash with shatta she made lot of allegations Notable among them was shatta allegedly bonking her own cousin. The two were all over each other that time and seemed inseparable Guess what they have both unfollowed each other,”



Magdalene Love was brought to the attention of Ghanaians earlier this year when a dirty beef erupted between Shatta Wale and Ayisha Modi.

Modi claimed that Shatta Wale is committing incest by sleeping with his own cousin.

She made the claim when a Shatta Wale fan attacked her for praising Stonebwoy and putting down Wale.

She harshly responded: “Tell your king to stop sleeping with his so-called cousin and work hard…”

That immediately prompted investigations into Magdalene Love, and it was discovered that she has been moving around with Wale and that they might really be in a relationship.

Love later came out to blast Ghanaians to mind our own business – she said it’s no one’s business if Shatta Wale is her cousin and if they’re sleeping together.

Their business is now back in the public eye after unfollowing each other.

In celebrity world, that definitely means there is fire on the mountain!

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