Secrets revealed by Iona Reines about Mzbel shows they were ‘lesbobo partners’

Musicians Mzbel and Iona Reines used to be best of friends. Their friendship got pretty close somewhere 2020 and we do see Iona spending so much time in Mzbel’s house.

During that period, they’re mostly seen together on Facebook and Instagram live — enjoying a meal, having a chit chat, enjoying a nice moment just as two good friends would do.

During their days of ‘bestieship‘, a lot of rumours surfaced that they were lesbobo partners — a rumour which none of them denied.

But since there was nothing to prove the rumours, we just took it as one of those grapevines about celebrities.

Well, as it stands, Iona has made certain comments in an Instagram live a few days ago which has got people talking.

During the live video, she updated fans on the number of heartbreaks she has surfaced.

Iona stated that one guy gave her broken heart and the second one was from Mzbel which she’s still trying to get over.

“They’ve broken my heart…they’ve made me cry, you love people genuinely and tomorrow you become the devil when actually you were the one who was doing all the loving”, she said.

“Many people broke my heart ooo. some my friend guy b broke my heart…Mzbel too broke my heart. But I think all these while I have not been able to deal with the Mzbel broken heart”, she added.

Listen to her below:

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