Princess Shyngle drops audio of Moesha saying ‘she’s giving her things to the church’

Princess Shyngle has waded into the Moesha Boduong repentance saga as she wonders what her new church may have done her.

Moesha in a viral video disclosed that she has emptied her account and sold her Range Rover because she is now born again. “Did you guys get her hypnotized or what did they do to her?” Princess Shyngle asked.

Commenting on reports about how Moesha lost her properties in this short while, Princess Shyngle has dropped an audio conversation she had with her colleague actress, revealing that she Moesha) told her about giving her properties to the Church.

At this point, for her to acting that way and take all her stuff and give it away, that’s just wrong,” the Gambian actress who now lives in the U.S said, during an Instagram live session,

According to her “the last time I spoke to my friend, I think I have a recording, let me play it for you, so you guys can listen because we spoke over 3 hours and she told me herself that she is giving out her things to the Church“.

She continued that “I think I have even have that recording with her own voice saying it so people won’t think I am making this up or I am lying” and played a recording of Moesha speaking in the video below.


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However, The Revelation Church has denied this allegation. In a Press Statement released today, it said “We would like to categorically state that at no time has Maurecia or any member of her family given any properties, cars or sale proceeds to either the lead Pastor or the Church. This is variable and any other claim is blatant from the pit of hell”.

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