Patapaa And German Girlfriend Dazzle African Print Themed Photoshoot Photo.

Patapaa and German girlfriend

Patapaa and his German girlfriend have had an African print-themed photoshoot and Ghanaians have reacted. Popular musician Patapaa is enjoying all the hype of the moment from his recent European tour to his white girlfriend arriving in Ghana to support him at the just-ended Ghana Meets Naija. In his new exploits, Patapaa and his German girlfriend have staged a beautiful African-print photoshoot which is making fans talk.

Patapaa and his German lover wore the same African-print – a beautiful dress with a slit on the thigh and a flare hand design for the lady. The Skopatomana boss himself is seen rocking a white shirt designed with pieces of the cloth over a pair of beautiful shorts made from the same fabric.

The two also showed their romantic side as the lady’s pose alone shows that ‘Mrs. Patapaa’ loves life. They were captured kissing with their eyes firmly closed, a common gesture often said to show how people deep in love want to be intimate with each other.

Patapaa’s fans have reacted to the photo with most of them cheering them on. In reference to their skin colour, Afia called Patapaa and his girl “coke and fanta”, respectively: afia_cuteness: “Coke and fanta…lol.” Blackus says Patapaa has worked hard to get the attention of his white lady: blackus_gh: “Hardwork pays patapa.” Espino gave Patapaa more cheers: espinozapatrick0: “Patapeezy.”

Yaa suspected that Patapaa’s girlfriend could be pregnant: yaa_kuti: “Is the lady pregnant??.” Yung urged Patapaa in the Akan language to enjoy more because life is short: starbwoy_yung: “Fa pam ntoma onua …life nso y3 de3n.” In another photo, Patapaa is seen with an all-serious face while his lady smiled

Meanwhile, Patapaa’s girlfriend had shown massive support for her man’s career when he traveled all the way from Germany to come see him. In an earlier video published by mp3ghana.net, the lady revealed that she had come to support Patapaa in the Ghana Meets Naija event.

She said she has so much confidence in Patapaa who “has a lot of surprises for Ghana”.


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