OMG! Lady beats armed robber who tried to rob her

A video has surfaced on social media that sees a lady beating a man who tried to rob her.

The lady identified as Darleenee was captured in the video beating the hell out of the man believed to be an armed robber.

In the video, the lady was walking in a large shop with her bag clutched in her armpit when the robber tried to pull a fast one on her. However, she was fast enough to swerve him and later pounced on him.

Watch the video below:

They fought like men showing how aggressive the woman was and the strength she had.

The lady said she felt the urge to defend herself when the robber attacked her and she could not hold back than to fight him.

Some men believed to be security personnel were captured watching the two fight but one of them moved to separate the fight. The robber then ran away leaving his shirt in her hands.



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