Old Students Of St. John’s storm school to threaten Rasta girls admitted to the school

A group old students of the St. John’s Grammar have threatened to cause the withdrawal of 2 Rastafarians admitted to the school.

The two girls Nikita and Amrita Marhguy happen to be sisters of Tyrone Marguay, one of the boys in the Achimota School admission controversy.

Speaking to Joynews, the father of the Rastafarian students said, St. John’s Grammar had already admitted the girls but they’re all of sudden trying to make a u-turn.

They came on the 18th [March 2021] to submit all the documents they were asked to bring. But they came with a complaint that the old students wanted me to come and talk about their hair. When we came to submit the [documents], I saw the headmaster and spoke pointed to the girls and told him I wanted to talk about their hair.

“But he said no problem, you should make sure they submit everything and then be in the school and then you can come next week so we talk. So I thought everything was cool until they came with this report yesterday,”

The man continued that he went to the school again on Monday, a guy amongst the old students approached the girls and told them to shave their hair because Achimota is their sister school.

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