Nana Ama Mcbrown’s Marriage Is In Flames And Near Collapsing – Popular Blogger Alleges

Disturbing news on the streets alleges that Nana Ama Mcbrown’s marriage is currently in flames and near collapsing if outmost care is not taken.

It can be recalled that just a few months ago, reports that McBrown’s husband, Maxwell Mensah has allegedly cheated and impregnated another lady who was McBrown’s former friend following her beef with Mona Gucci.

According to Instagram blogger and brand influencer Mari Gyata, the celebrated and multi-talented media personality’s husband vacated their matrimonial home succeeding Maxwell’s latest cheating scandal.

Marita Gyata also alleged in her fast trending write up that Nana Ama and her husband were having serious issues before the Easter holidays but they reunited and went for a vacation to take photos for social media.

That is when the couple dropped photos bonding with their family during the Easter holidays. But after that nothing has changed.

Mari Gyata wrote;

Tea or coffee

No matter how hard I try to skip this story cos of my sentimental favorite well I must drop it someway somehow so here we go

First of I want them together more than anything but who are we? We can’t say it’s green when in actual fact the thing is blue

So Mari Gyata went hunting for gossip and I got the shock of my life. As it stands your favorite is tired of the marriage oooo but she is trying her possible best to be that submissive wife and play her role well.
Do you know she nearly divorced him ?

So the issue at hand be say oga ein body sweet am well well. Cheating be what. I’m sure you all heard the news about the cheating saga with that food lady. Yes it was very true. It happened gaanigaani. Have you asked yourself why the ladies aren’t cool again.

The divorce de3 it nearly happened this year ooo cos madam was fed up and oga packed and left the house. Yes you better believe it ooo cos I drop only authentic news. Oga only came back to the house during this Easter and that was when they went on that family vacation where they posted that video in the pool and took this particular pisha.

Why are these men doing our ladies like this nau. In as much as we want this to work nu if care is not taken madam might leave for her sanity cos she is really trying her best


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