My girlfriend likes giving out her number to men, what should I do?-Man cries for help

A distraught man has taken to a popular Nigerian forum to seek help over his girlfriend’s attitude of giving out her number to different men freely.

According to him, men keep calling her in the evening or midnight and she picks their calls in his presence and he is running out of patience.

He asked forum users to advise him on what to do.

Read the man’s full post below:

“My so called fiancee is fond of giving out her number without stress or restrain to any man who ask from her. I noticed this anonying and dis-respectful habit since last year December.

Different people (male) will call her anytime and mostly late in the evening or midnight and she would still pick their calls in my presence, talk softly, smile and even laugh out loud at their jokes and sweet words.

She has given out her contact to guys on facebook, on the streets, in the vehicle, eatery, church, place of work, market, you name it and they disturb her every now and then because of her extreme fairness, beauty, elegance, prettiness and sexy shape. I have endured and tolerated so much for long and am loosing my patience and value for her. All that comes out of her is; “Am i jealous?”

Pls what should i do?

Warn her seriously?

Quit the relationship? Or

Continue to observe and keep quiet?”

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