My Boyfriend Left Me Because I Pee So Loud

I’ve never had a guy chase me so intensely as Augustine did right from the moment he had my number. The day I gave him my number, my phone was off. He didn’t believe that was my number because he called right there and it didn’t go through. He asked, “Are you sure this is your number?” I said, “I can’t lie about my contact. If I didn’t want to give it to you, I would have said it instead of lying about it.” He wrote his number on a piece of paper for me and pushed it down my purse.

Later that evening, I saw his line calling. He said, “It’s Augustine. I couldn’t wait to call and talk to you.” I said, “Now you believe it’s my number?” He laughed and said, “Yeah, I didn’t want to lose the opportunity of having your contact. That was why I was very insistent. Forgive me.” I said, “No problem at all. Some women will give you the wrong number so I could understand your concern.”

We talked for almost thirty minutes. He asked questions and I answered. I asked him a few questions and he answered too. He wanted to know what I did for a living and he wanted to know where I lived. When the conversation kept going on and on, he asked me, “What’s your hobby?” That was when I realized he had nothing to say again. I told him, “It’s getting late, can we sleep so we continue tomorrow?”

Ten minutes after I hang up, he sent me a message; “I’m glad to know you and I’m happy we could talk for that long. It only shows that you’re interested in people and that’s beautiful. Sweet dreams. Tomorrow Morning.” I responded, “Sweet dreams too.”

The next morning when I was getting ready for work, I saw his call. We talked. He wished me a good day. In the afternoon, he called. He asked how my day was going. I said, “It’s been good so far. Just going about my work peacefully.” At exactly 5pm, he called again; “Have you closed?” I said, “I’m getting ready to close.” In the evening when I was …read more…

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