Mr Eazi Explains Why He Has No Car In A Fresh Interview

Mr Eazi is one of the richest artists in West Africa yet you won’t believe he has no car of his own.

Perhaps radio host George Quaye could equally not believe it himself so when he had the opportunity to host Mr Eazi in the studios of Joy FM, he asked him if he indeed he has no car.

Here’s what Mr Eazi said;

‘No, i still don’t have a car. This is because all year round I’m not stationed at one place. Today, i’m in this Country playing shows, tomorrow, i’m somewhere else. It doesn’t make any sense for me to buy a car and just pack it, and so no, i still don’t have a car.’

Mr. Eazi also talked about the fact that many people don’t respect musicians because they see them as dropouts.

‘People don’t really respect the creative arts as an industry but I think with time the narrative is changing’.


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