Model From UK Makes Up To $100,000 (₵55,000) A Year Because Of Her Huge B00bs She Posts Online

Modern women are much engrossed in the belief that enlarging their bums and breast elevate their self-esteem. One model from UK who goes by the name Allegra Cole has a very huge breast which even prevents her from tying her own shoes.

The 47-year old woman was formerly a piano teacher but diverted to modeling. Her breasts now measure at 34MM, grew up in a traditional Mormon household in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she performed professionally as a pianist from a young age.

Allegra shed a brief light on her childhood, saying: “I still believe in the core values of the church, their family values, but I couldn’t live with some of the principles.”

But while Allegra loved being the focus of attention, she felt self-conscious about the effect of motherhood on her 34C breasts.

“After you breastfeed children your breasts are not as cute as they once were,” she said. “Being someone who cared about the aesthetic, I wanted them to be fuller and rounder and even have a little bit more.”

Allegra, a UK size 10, lives in Newport Beach, California, decided to go under the knife, enhancing each breast by 800ccs to a 34DD. She then proceeded to put her images for sale online – which helped pay for her second b00b job a decade later.

She now earns up to $100,000 (₵55,000) a year posing for sexy pictures, with her 34MM cups in high demand.


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