Man Of God Shot Dead In His Church In The Ashanti Region

A pastor in his 40s was shot near Manso Nkwanta in the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region, according to reports.

The survivor, identified as Isaac Opoku, the head Pastor of End Time Evangelical Ministry, was shot at close range by the attackers while preparing for a church service, according to sources.

According to reports, the unknown hoodlums infiltrated the church premises under the pretext of seeking counseling from the pastor; they approached the victim and asked if he was Isaac Opoku.

According to an eyewitness, Kaakyire Amoako, as soon as the pastor verified his identity, one of the robbers asked him to tell his last prayer before shooting him.

He said that the preacher was taken aback and, in response to the assailant’s order, bowed his head and began muttering some words.

He raised his head after praying only to be shot in the chest by one of the criminals, while the other, armed with a rifle, stood outside surveying the area.

Residents of Yawkrom are currently unable to determine what could have prompted the assailants’ heinous acts.

According to sources, the two gunmen, who were wearing nose masks, fled the scene by hiding in a nearby bush.

As urgent cries from some frightened church members attracted people to the church, the victim was rushed to St. Martins Hospital in Agroyesum for medical attention.

Meanwhile, a complaint has been filed with the Manso Nkwanta District Police Command, and the victim has given an official statement.

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