Lydia Forson scammed on Twitter

Ghanaian entertainer, author, and film-maker, Lydia Forson has shared a tweet on how she got misled on Twitter.

It is obviously evident that the greater part of our VIPs do confront a ton of solicitations online from their fans.

A few fans send them various messages requesting money to sift through some minor and significant needs.

Lydia Forson scammed on Twitter
Lydia Forson

Sometimes, it becomes just so hard for the celebrities to turn them down especially when they think of how much love the same fans have shown them in their career.

However, most of such messages are a scam.

Knowing how busy some of the celebrities are, the fans take advantage to pressure them to send them some cash which is channeled to a different thing mainly because their donors wouldn’t have the time to cross-check.

Lydia Forson shared her past of how she has paid school fees that never existed.

She wrote on Twitter;

“This is how someone I met on Twitter scammed me into paying for school fees that didn’t exist. I took my L and turned it into a Lesson. 😩.”

I think she has learned her lesson.

See Screenshot Below:

Lydia Forson scammed on Twitter

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