Lady gets stuck in burglar proof gate while sneaking into boyfriend’s house to check if he’s cheating(WATCH)

A beautiful young lady has received the embarrassment of her life after getting stuck in a burglar proof gate in an attempt to sneak to her boyfriend’s house to check if he is cheating on her.

In a video sighted online, the lady yet-to-be- identified could be seen stuck between the metals of a burglar-proof gate just because she suspects her lover is cheating on her with another lady.

From the video, the well-endowed lady got stuck as a result of reports received from friends that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

This caused her to move in at night to check if indeed her guy cheats on her.

In an attempt to sneak into the guy’s house by passing through the space between the metals of the burglar proof gate, she got stucked.


Watch the video below;



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