Kwahu Obomeng LGBT group beat and kidnapped Adom Fm reporters after Police released them (Video)

The alleged Kwahu Obomeng lesbians have kidnapped two news reporter who came to their hideout to verify news about their release from police custody.

Over the weekend, a wedding between two lesbian attended by about 50 other lesbians was ruined by the police following a report by the chief of the town and the traditional council.

When the police got there, they said it’s not a wedding but a birthday party so the police had to use another law, that is, breaking COVID-19 protocols to effect the arrest.


They were granted bail today and are back to the facility there were lodging.

A group of reporters visited the lodging facility to verify the news of their bail and they decided to pounce on them as these same reporters were behind their arrest.

According to Angel Fm reporter, Afia Pokua, the lesbian assaulted them when they visited the lodging facility.

Speaking on Angel Fm’s evening news she confirmed that the lesbian have locked two reporters of Adom Fm, Teacher Dwamena and Anointing.

She added she was spared because she’s a lady but they’ve destroyed the IPhone 8 of the Anointing guy.

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