I’m now HIV+ and I don’t know who gave it to me-Lady weeps on social media; cheated on my cheating husband


A married who is in a dilemma has shared her sad story on social media seeking assistance on what to do to salvage her situation.

According to the lady who wrote to Facebook relationship blogger, David Papa Bondze-Mbir, she cheated on her cheating husband and now she has landed in a hot soup.

She explained that her husband traveled for some time and out of loneliness and stress, she ended sleeping with her ex-boyfriend who invited her to lunch.

She claims her husband was also cheating so she was frustrated and ended having the “Stupid fling” with her ex-boyfriend.

Now, she has tested HIV+ and she is confused. She does not know if she was infected by her ex-boyfriend whom she slept with or it was the cheating husband. She is confused and needs help on the next step to take.

The message to David Bondze reads:

“Hello David Bondze,

Good evening. I just read a post you shared from your website ‘Needle in the Hay’ and I am terrified. My husband also traveled for some time and I messed up. I gave in to an ex, who invited me over for lunch, and one thing led to another. It was just a stupid fling. I was stressed and lonely and hurt. My husband was having an affair and it had clouded my thinking and feelings.

I recently found out I am HIV+ and I do not know whether or not I got it from my ex or husband. Neither of the men knows about my recent detection. What do I do, Dave?” – From a troubled wife.’


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