‘If I Don’t Kill Your Sister Then I’m Fake’-Video Of Pastor Ofori Threatening To Kill His Wife After Fighting His Brother-In-Law Pops Up

A video has emerged which captures Us-based Ghanaian Pastor, Sylvester Ofori who recently shot her wife, Babara Tommey dead fighting with his brother-in-law in his house after he attempted to choke her to death.

In the video privy to, the brother of Barbara Tommey could be seen beating up Sylvester Ofori after the latter tried to choke his sister(Sylvester Ofori’s wife) to death in his house.

In the video, Barbara could be seen begging for her husband whiles her brother was beating him up for trying to kill her.

Barbara’s brother eventually let go of Sylvester Ofori but the latter left with a threatening note.

Sylvester Ofori threatened his wife’s brother that he will kill her.

“If I don’t kill your sister the I’m fake“-Sylvester Ofori threatened.

Barbara’s brother after Sylvester Ofori threatened him and left his apartment told her sister to call the Police for a court restraining order against him for threatening her and trying to even kill her on that day.

Barbara begged her brother not to report the incident to the Police since Sylvester Ofori doesn’t have his US citizenship yet.

“Papa he doesn’t have his citizenship yet, hence I do not want to hurt him. They may revoke it” Barbara Tommey told his brother.

Barbara Tommey suddenly was shot dead by her husband Pastor Sylvester Ofori just a few hours after threatening to kill her.


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