Hushpuppi ‘jailed’ at Metropolitan Correctional Center Chicago, Federal Bureau of Prisons in USA[SCREENSHOT]

A lot of people are seeing this whole drama between Hushpuppi and the FBI as a joke or some kind of a movie. If you’re one of those people, you better start re-thinking because things are really getting serious for Hush.

A new revelation indicates that the Instagram big boy has been kept at Metropolitan Correctional Center(MMC) Chicago, Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The MMC, Chicago is a United States federal prison in Chicago, Illinois, which holds male and female prisoners of all security levels prior to and during court proceedings in the Northern District of Illinois, as well as inmates serving brief sentences.

So Hushpuppi is going to stay here temporarily as he goes about his court proceedings.

Checks indicates that Hushpuppi was even given an inmate number which is “54313-424“. If you input the number into the website of the prison centre, all details about the Dubai ex-billionaire will pop-up.

See below:



From the screenshots above, you can see that Hushpuppi’s release date is yet to be known since his fate hasn’t been decided in court yet.

However, it emerged that he could spend at least 20 years maximum in jail.

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