Husband shares photo of email proposal wife sent him for salary increment

A Nigerian husband, Ife Akintunde, has taken to Twitter to share a snapshot of the email his wife, Akintunde Titilayo, sent to ask for an increase in her upkeep money.



With a witty approach, the woman said she is qualified for the increment because she has served well in various capacities

This comes after a woman on Monday, February 22, said that when she wanted to ask for money to start a business, her hubby asked for a proposal.

In woman’s tweet, she asked people to wish her luck as the presentation of her proposal will be coming up on Tuesday by 8 am.


Akintunde’s tweet was one of the comments under the woman’s post. In the snapshots, Akintunde’s wife said she is asking for an increment because she has worked well in his company for three years.

Many tweeps said that if every marriage is as lively as his, then they do not mind getting married very soon

See his tweet below and the screenshots:




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