Hot Video: Slay Queen Calls Out Jesus For Help During ‘ToTo’ Piercing

Prostitutes in the Netherlands are protesting their continuous ban from practicing their trade. According to them, the government has allowed other contact trades such as masseuse to work while still restricting them from plying their trade due to COVID-19.

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and is highly patronised. But the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the Dutch government to ban activities of prostitutes.

But in a bid to open up the economy, the government has embarked on a ‘risky’ easing of restrictions in the country by allowing beauticians, hairdressers and masseuses to resume work after a lengthy ban.

Some of the sex workers said that they could get creative so as to have minimal or no contact at all their clients so that the spread of the coronavirus could be minimized.


Slay Queen could not hide her pains as she weeps during ‘TOTO’ piercing going through a painful experience

One cannot understand why a lady should Pierce her womanhood ,for that cannot be displayed in Public

Trying to fathom slay Queens is obviously a difficult task which is not possible

Slay Queen has gone viral as she goes for Toto Piercing from an expert

From the video sighted by ,the slay Queen can be heard crying out loud as she falls on Jesus for the painful experience and Ordered the Piercer to stop immediately

Well,Our laws  cannot ensure the visuals here ,but you can see it on our Telegram below


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