Hot Video: I Am a god of My Own – Occult Grandmaster Says

Adonai, an occult grand master, spiritualist and worshipper of Satan has explained that, through his enlightenment in the spiritual world, he has obtained powers to become a demon and is a god of his own that he worships.

Speaking in an interview on GhBase TV, he said, “Lucifer and I are one. The devil and I are one. Because, we work together. He uses me to work on this earth. I also use him to work on this earth.”

When questioned about his spiritual beliefs, he reiterated that they work together on this earth as partners. “I am a god, I worship myself. Lucifer is a god of freedom, and he will allow you to be just like him. Any occult out there knows what I am talking about. When you are working with demons, you become a demon of your own. You become a god of your own. That is how it is.”

He also stated that he does not believe in the God above, but rather in the spirit beings who rule the rule various territories and elements in the world. “I do not believe in a heavenly God. But, there are many gods and spirits. Please do you understand? There are many gods. A god from the sea, god from the earth, god from the fire and god from the air. And I work together with them as well. I believe in them and they also believe in me.”

According to him, the god he worships is Satan. And since he and Satan are one, he is a god as well.

Watch full interview below:

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