Hot Video : Ama Vanessa will die if she returns to Funny Face – Popular spiritualist speaks

Funny Face started life so well especially his days at Tv3’s “Chokor Trotro”, but man has become a laughing stock and object of mockery and it’s just sad and unfortunate.


As we speak, Funny face is stuck in the psychiatric hospital as we’ve been told that the comic actor is suffering from mental illness. Besides, his estranged wife called Ama Vanessa isn’t on good terms with Funny Face.

It’s at the back of this that Abusua One God whiles dropping a series of revelations revealed to him by his karma god warned the baby mama of the comedian against returning to him.

According to Abusua One God, Funny Face isn’t healed from his mental illness yet because it’s a spiritual issue. He claims the comedian is currently in a spiritual marriage so whenever he tries to be in a relationship, it will trigger the spirit he’s married to return the illness.

Abusua One God warned Ama Vanessa that if she dares returns to Funny Face, her family will come for his dead body.

He then advised the comedian that he needs a very powerful spiritualist to break the spiritual marriage before he can be free.


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