Hot News : Another Man Of God Exposes Nana Agradaa

Nana Agradaa who has smartly ditched her dwarfs to become a full time Christian after she was released from the grips of the police for her infamous sika gari scam has been busted once again for her dubious ways.

The slay queen fetish priestess who wants to be addressed now as Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng because of her newly found faith in Christ has been severely criticized by man netizens that her decision to venture into the gospel ministry is her new tactic to scam her gullible fans.

Whiles speaking at a press conference yesterday, Nana Agradaa said she was warned about spiritual and physical attacks if she decides to leave idol worship to Christianity. So, she wasn’t surprised when she had issues with the law and jail for some time. She considered all those developments as part of her trials as a new Christian.

However, Rev Isaac Frimpong who is the leader and founder of Christ Empowering Ministry International has strongly warned Ghanaians to be very careful of the new Agradaa because once a scammer -always a scammer.

The man of God also added that Nana Agradaa’s move to join the Christian faith is not genuine because it is a planned plot to escape serving a jail term that awaits her after many years of defrauding people.

He wrote on his Facebook page;

No Christian should praise God for Agradaa supposed claim of now a new creation. She’s using her mind to deceive everyone to escape her jail term awaiting her. If indeed She’s a changed person, she should refund all the money she duped from people back to them like what Zacchaeus did. We should all help the laws of the land to deal with fraudsters like her

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