Hot Beef: Medikal replies Okese1

It appears a new feud between Okese1 and Medikal has just started.

It all begun when the former came on Instagram live to detach himself from a certain ‘masked rapper’ — which we all know is Medikal.

Okese1 fumed that he’s not a small boy under any rapper — if that’s what people see him to be. But rather, he’s a boss of his own.

“If you see me with any rapper, it’s not that I am their small boy, I am my own chairman. I am not part of AMG. I am affiliated to them and we’re cool but I am not under them”, he said.

“The people that you see me with and you think they’re helping me, I am rather the person helping them. But it’s just that people are ungrateful so I have separated myself from them so that I can do my own thing”, he added.

Few hours after, Medikal has taken to Twitter to reply Okese1 in a series of tweets.

In one of his tweets, he wrote: “It’s pathetic how people throw years of friendship away for a 24 hour clout.”

image 2021 02 16 164252

MDK went on to say that ‘Loyalty is a talent’ and even though people are disloyal to him, he won’t stop helping talents. “nothing will ever stop me from putting people on! Regardless”, he wrote.

image 2021 02 16 164316

Watch the video below:


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