He’ll chained, tied into a tree and eat his own shɨt – Prophetess narrates river side curses scorned woman casted on Funny Face

Another prophet has spoken about the spiritual angel of Funny Face’s insanity.

A couple of days ago, Prophet Elisa said a certain star is to be blamed for Funny Face’s mental illness as he’s taken him to a spiritualist to make him mad.


Just when the public was digesting Prophet Elisha’s revelation, a lady Prophetess has come out with a different revelation about Funny Face.

Speaking on Neat Fm’s Entertainment GH, Prophetess Sara talked about what God revealed to her about Funny Face’s problem and it had nothing to do with any star.

According to the Prophetess, she saw a very huge woman with no clothes, seated infront a water body raining curses on funny face.

The woman cursed the comedian who something painful the he did to him and she swore that even when she dies, the curse of Funny Face getting mad should persist.

Funny Face’s family at the spiritual realm accepted the lady’s curses in exchange of few coins.

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