Fitness blogger shamed for bikini picture asks why mums aren’t allowed to feel sexy

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Mums often get shamed for whatever choices they make. So one woman who posted a picture of herself in a bikini wasn’t surprised when a stranger told her to cover up for the sake of her children.
Fitness blogger Sia Cooper is no stranger to mummy-shaming. But when she uploaded a sexy pic of her on Instagram and was questioned over why she chose to do so, she couldn’t hold back.
The troll commented: ‘To show your gains you don’t have to show your behind like that. You are a mother, think about what your children see … Unfollowed.’
Sia hit back, questioning why the picture would’ve been celebrated if it was any other woman but when it’s a mum, it becomes controversial.
‘Since when were moms supposed to hide their bodies?’ she wrote. ‘Since when were mothers no longer allowed to feel sexy? How do you think babies even got here in the first place?
‘I wondered, would I have gotten the same comment had I not been a mother?
‘Society seems to expect moms to act and look a certain way and I think it’s bullsh*t.
‘So I clapped back with my post to support and to remind all mums that they do not have to dress like a nun just because they birthed a baby.’Sia questioned what the picture has to do with her kids. The mummy blogger said she hopes the only thing her children will take from it is body positivity.
The mum-of-two opened up about the relationship with her own mother, who taught her to hate her body. Sia hopes to stop her kids from going down the route of shame.
She wants them to embrace their own bodies and be proud of it. Plus, she joked, they actually love her butt and use it like a bongo, so are not fussed about the picture at all.
The influencer, who has a million-strong following, also took a moment to recognise that there are many societal expectations of mums.
But, she urged, it’s best for mums to stay true to themselves instead of listening to all the haters.
‘Let’s face it: motherhood can make us feel less than sexy,’ she admitted. ‘It leaves us drained, depressed, exhausted, and staring into a mirror, looking at a former shell of ourselves that we barely recognise anymore.
‘So mamas, put on your bikinis. You’ve earned it. Every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin without society’s judgy opinions.’

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