Feminist Ripes Off Bible Page With Marijuana Which Says “Wives Be Submissive To Your Husbands”

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A Nigerian feminist identified as @Black_alien_ has smoked out part of the Bible which says “wives should be submissive to their husbands report from legit.com says.

The most criticized movements in the world is Feminism. But despite the backlash, many women continue to push for gender equality in every way possible.

@Black_alien_ took to her Twitter page to announce that she smoked some marijuana using a bible page. Sharing photos, she revealed she used the page that held the verse about women submitting to their husbands.
She narrated to her fans that it wasn’t that difficult for her to do that and has recommended it to others.

Feminist Ripes Off Bible Page With Marijuana Which Says “Wives Be Submissive To Your Husbands” 2

She tweeted: “Meanwhile the rolling wasn’t so hard. In fact. I think I’ll just stick to using the Bible I love the way it feels while I roll and while I smoke it. recommend.”

Most of her fans have reacted to the post and has poured insult at her.

Below are some comments from Instagram users about her post:

abisolathegreat: “Man, this makes no sense. Respect people’s religions. How is this hard?” oghenetej: “Nah dem Awon feminist. They will now call this 1 extreme feminism. Las, Las, may your will be done in our lives O Lord. Amen”

“15years later, Shiloh “My lord and my God……..” ” iameducatedthug:”Later they will say they should contribute money for somebody… smh” colnight:

“This is even worst than submitting to your husband ! Yes we know it’s ink on paper ,but if you can’t respect God definitely you can’t respect man !”

aunty_naomi_:”She looks too wretched and already a condemned case for us to even waste our curses and insults on. Let’s not give her that trend she is itching for “
badgurlprisca:”Nigerians are making the world feel we are dumb, because we are really taking this feminist thing overboard.

Sans_frontiere_travels:”We will not donate for you when cancer starts ravaging your lungs on hospital bed. Enjoy your sacrilegious smoke.”

valentino_eggz:”When your generation will begin to suffer the punishment of your sins, they wouldn’t know that it was ignorance that led their senseless mother into it “

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