Fantana threatens Wendy Shay with a slap (Screenshot)

A newest signee of Bullet’s RuffTown Records Fantana has threatened to slap her fellow label mate Wendy Shay very soon.

Since Fantana appeared on the music scene she is noted to be flaunting her wealth and talking about money something that has already gotten some social media users angry.

According to them, instead of Fantana to work hard to make her own money, she is there making noise with her mother’s sweat and even wasting it in the name of doing music.

Wendy Shay decided to join the many tweeps bashing Fantana and shared a photo with the caption that sent a jab to Fantana saying she is always claiming to have money when in actual fact she has nothing.

But Fantana who wouldn’t take Wendy’s nonsense has replied stating that she would one of these days slap the “Uber driver” hitmaker if she keeps on joking with her.

She shared: “I will slap this girl ond day oooo keep playin’ with me.”

Fantana threatens Wendy Shay with a slap (Screenshot) 1



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