Fans Expose Serwaa Amihere over Wrong Editing to get ‘Tapoli’ Shape

A new photo of Serwaa Amihere in a red attire has caused a stir on social media . Some people have observed the sharp curves of her body and have concluded that Serwaa’s shape is not natural . Others accused her of too much editing that has caused her that trouble

Some still have admired the photo and have showered praises on Serwaa Our manifesto: This is what believes in A new photo of GHOne TV presenter, Serwaa Amihere, has caused a stir on social media. Dressed in a beautiful red dress, Serwaa sat majestically like a queen, revealing her body curves. However, due to the sudden change and sharpness of the curves, some fans have raised eyebrows about the photo.

To some of them, Serwaa’s shape is not normal, with one person openly commenting that the editing was too much.


Ernestina, for instance, would not believe that is Serwaa’s real shape:

ernestina_nana_adoma: “Eiiii dis your shape dae.”

James asked if that is natural:

jamesnana8: “Is it natural shape?”

Sexzy wrote bravely that the photo has been overly edited:

sexzy160: “Tooo much editing Aden.”

Desertman said he won’t believe what he was seeing:

desertman7478: “No i dont believe what i see.”

Domfeh also called it a “tapolised body”:

domfeh_official: “What a Tapolized body.”

There were others, though, who love and admire the photo:

ali_06angarali: “l admire this beauty.”

jackchasterradioguy: “U are so so beautiful every I think of you my heart go wild, your body line is such a pure nature of attraction to my eye sights.”

agbemaflea: “U look so stunning.”

antwiagyeichristabel: “Very beautiful.”

animah.elizabeth: “Too beautiful.”

korkorborney: “Beautiful.”

nataliamcphilliamy: “You are looking sooooooooooooo sweet and beautiful please serwaaamihere.

It seems Serwaa has often been in the news following issues with her body. Perhaps she appears too sophisticated for some of her fans that they find it hard to believe that what she flaunts is her natural body as she claims.





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