Efia Odo takes a break from social media

Actress Efia Odo has announced to her fans and followers that she is taking a break from social media.

The #FixTheCountry convener stated in a post on Instagram that the move was necessitated after feeling the need to protect her mental health, which she says is at stake.

She wrote, “my love for this country and humanity has turned into something else. I am not political. I am of peace and equality.”

Efia Odo stated that her intentions have been pure adding that “things are too heavy for me right now.”

The decision comes nearly two weeks after Efia Odo and 11 other #FixTheCountry campaigners were arrested by the police shortly after a court hearing the case on whether or not the group should be allowed to stage a street protest adjourned proceedings.



During the period when the legal arguments were going on, some of the campaigners pitched camp in front of the law court complex holding placards.

Efia Odo, more than 10 other #FixTheCountry campaigners arrested

While taking photographs, police officers from the Accra Regional Command arrived and arrested more than 10 of them.

All 12 of the #FixTheCountry campaigners were later in the day granted self-recognizance bail. The Accra Regional Police interrogated them for close to three hours on why they allegedly assembled at the court.

Some of the #FixTheCountry campaigners who spoke to Joy News argued that the arrest was unlawful.

Their lawyers after several hours of meeting with the Accra Regional Police Head of Legal and Prosecution plus the crime officer managed to secure the bail for the protestors.

Efia Odo after her release shared some photos from the station captioning it “a cause worth fighting for.”

The arrest, however, did not stop her from continually joining the #FixTheCountry campaigns on Twitter until her latest announcement.



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