Delay Is Too Stingy– Afia Schwar

Afia Schwarzenegger who is currently not in good talking terms with Delay after they infamously parted ways has stated that her former boss is the most stingy human being she has ever met in her entire life.

During an interview with one of the Accra based radio stations, Afia Schwar emphatically stated that she will rather build a relationship with a poor person than a stingy person because the poor person will give when he/she has but a stingy person will not.

She also narrated how Delay didn’t want to spend her money on food on the count that she’s on a slimming course hence she can’t eat meanwhile when she bought food with money, Delay joined her in eating.

In her own words;

I will choose a poor person because such a person will want to give you some money when he/she gets. I won’t choose a stingy person because of my experience with Delay. She is the most stingy person I’ve ever met in my life. Because she will buy food for me to eat, she will say we are on a slimming course. But when I buy food with my money she will eat.






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