Date Rush: Ali can’t handle me in bed – Shemima Brown cries out [Watch]

TV3 Date Rush star, Shemima Brown has said in an interview that Ali cannot handle her because when she paid him a visit at home, he gave an excuse and ran away.

The pair met on Date Rush after the 26-year-old curvaceous young lady, who broke the internet with an appearance on TV3’s love reality show, picked Ali as her date with the hope that they might be able to build a relationship together.

Thousands of Ghanaians who view the show aired on Sundays have also been rooting for Ali and Shemima to become the best couple from the show but sadly, it is not going as expected.

While speaking in an interview with Zionfelix , the duo teamed up to talk about life after choosing each other on the show some episodes ago.

Shemima was asked whether she had visited Ali at home before and she responded in the affirmative but indicated that something bizarre happened during the visit.

According to Shemima, Ali who is a budding actor has been running away from her. ” I visited him in his house, Ali went out and left inside the room alone” she said.

She went on to recount that she decided to call him only to realize that he had turned his phone off as well.

Hear more from them in the video below. Forward to the 8th minute to watch Shemima speaking on the incident.


Ali rebutted and explained that he received a call from his mother, which is why he left Shemima alone in the room.



Watch below





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