Checkout The Dramatic Moment Rev. Obofour Healed A Woman Of Breast Cancer(+Video)


Controversial preacher, Reverend Obofour has once again done he is good at doing which is causing a stir on social media.

In the viral video circulating on social media, Reverend Obofour apparently healed a woman who was allegedly suffering from breast cancer.

In the video, the woman was testifying of how God used Reverend Obofour to heal her from the deadly ailment.

According to the woman she formerly could not lie on her breast because it caused her excruciating pain. She narrated that after Reverend Obofour laid hands on her, she could now lie on the hard surface of the tiled floor.

Rev. Obofour as predictable as he is began his dramatic antics as he lied down to have a better view of the lady’s cured boobs.

Rev. Obofour asked his junior pastor to move aside so he could properly see her breast.

Further in the video, Rev. Obofour invited some female members of his congregation to come and press her breast in order to verify if she had indeed placed it on the floor as she claimed.

Obofour disclosed to his church members that when it comes to his church, APC “cancer is a small boy.”

Watch the dramatic video below;

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